When love is overrated and lust is too easy... what does it mean to actually LIKE someone?

A Like Affair was a privilege to write, inspired by what I’ve always called

“The Definition of a Man”. After meeting him years ago on a plane through

Northwestern skies, I am forever indebted to the spark he ignited deep

within, and to the gift of trust he inscribed unto my heart.

As I made my way through this book, I grew as a writer, and I fell in

love with the characters as they came to life over a nearly thirty year time

period through the pages. A secondary and equally critical underline for

this book was the late 1970’s movie Same Time Next Year, which told the

story of a chance encounter between a “married to others” pair. Over the

course of thirty years, the two characters, George and Dorothy, met at the

same picturesque Northern California Inn, The Heritage House, cultivating

a controversial and spell-binding relationship.

Near the conclusion of A Like Affair, I made the long drive to Mendocino

simply because I had to see where Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn

breathed life into this movie, and put the final stamp of approval on my

story by concluding the book. The entire picture—from the crisp air, to

the endless cliffs, down to the icy blue waters and snow-like bluffs, the

smell of intimacy in the air, to the classic rooms that still stand at this historical

inn—Same Time and Next Year…all transcended words. I can only

hope that I’ve done George and Dorothy justice with my contemporary

duo against their three-decade legend.

Paranoia set in at precisely minute thirty-one. Hell, he wasn’t even on the plane yet and I was jittering around, feeling like something was going to interfere with his arrival, wondering what I would do if I was wrong, especially wondering what I would do if I was right.