'only child'

Trish likes to create off the beaten path writings, scare the living daylight out of her body daily with some insane workout, pretend that Yoga calms her while her mind continues to generate to-do lists for her to-do lists, travel to places that offer wildly entertaining people watching opportunities, supplement her creative juices with red vino from all over the world (including Croatia), speak the truth no matter the consequences and motivate others to not be quite as crazy as she is.

She lives on a boat and while that sounds glamorous, it’s mostly simple and unsophisticated, which is a much needed balance to the bobbing and weaving she does on land.

Every time she wants to give up writing, editing, over editing and worry editing, she turns to her motivating literary hero, Jeanette Winterson.

The only child in her perfectly balances the saleswoman in her and the life she leads is the one she has chosen. She doesn’t believe in martyrdom, laziness or intentions. In fact, even saying the word intention around her is bound to make her turn into an even scarier version of herself.

Have a fantabulous journey through the pages showcasing her published works. You have the option to buy here on the site and of course you have many options to find these books through the lovely internet. Also, feel free to pop in on her blog.