“Ever notice that the best place to think things through is in the in-between spots? All those places that lead somewhere but don’t plant you quite at an arrival. Doorways. Steps. Ocean coves. Airplanes. Bridges.”

“my path is not yours, you said

but you have me nonetheless”

“It’s not a game

but I always seem to lose

you may be a tight path to my destiny

but I’ll never know it

I never said I liked my safe place,

carved out to house loneliness

but I trust it

I hear you tell me to look down

but all I can think is

you go first……..”

“Remember the dreams that you dream as you sleep

When the rocks on the road stub your toe and make you weep.

And remember sometimes to sit and wait for the girl to catch up

Because you don’t want to be all alone when you wake up

And the girl doesn’t rush like you rush when you’re going

A mad whirlwind whose aim’s just to keep growing—

She can wait…she can wait…she can wait.

Watch the sun set for once—it’s ok to be late.”

“we swore we could live

with the rich nostalgia of unlikelihood

this would suffice for our expired chance at cohesion

this is what we proclaimed

with all of the hesitancy we could possibly ignore”