Please do NOT attempt reading if you take yourself too seriously... welcome to Stereotyping Land...

Can you find yourself?

Excerpt from Mama’s Boy:

With Mama‟s Boy, there is no question that you will have to act as the more dominant one in the duo. Undoubtedly, you will succumb to such labels as „wearing the pants,‟ „Oedipal complexity,‟ or any colorful variation, but you better believe that there is only one woman that holds the spotlight and that is his MAMA. And nothing she could ever say, spew, do, undo, or kill, even if it‟s straight out of Mommy Dearest-ville, would be wrong in his eyes. And nothing she will ever say, spew or have against YOU will be worthy of his defense of you by him… to her. So, while that may bring out a bit more compassion or sensitivity, in his non-mama-entrenched times, you will have to buy some market share into the tit from which he receives routine nourishment.