Ahhh, Women. Such a complicated collection of chromosomes. A metaphorical mess. A ‘breed unto itself.’ These days, we are so terrified to write or even read books about Women, at least from the sense that they will be sliced open and shoved under an uncomfortable microscope. Men can be torn apart so easily, but we fiercely protect the ill-termed underdog from a larger societal standpoint because of the aftershocks of feminism. It’s wickedly hypocritical.

Excerpt from Desperately Seeking Domestication (DSD):

“DSD has one goal and one goal only and unfortunately, it requires someone she doesn’t even know yet to fall in love with her enough to marry her super soon and, OH YEAH, get right on board populating the baby train. That’s a helluva lot of unknowns for someone to carry around while making it their sole lot in life.

DSD can’t go to the grocery store without making sure she is in tip-top shape, lest she find Mr. Right in the produce section.

She has no plan for a career of her own because that would take entirely too much time away from her rigorous activities geared toward her life’s dream of officially latching onto someone else.”